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Building unique product solutions with the right market fit takes extensive research, market knowledge, and some hard trade-offs. We can help you navigate your features lists to find your easy wins and identify challenging but worthwhile developments for your users. All forms of user-centered development are critical for us, and we'll help you balance your technical debt every step of the way.


Research is hard, why should publishing your results be even harder? We advise startups and non-profits who are re-imagining scientific publishing for the 21st century. Our team of talented science communicators can help you make connections and hone your message, so your product is positioned to lead the way toward a brighter publishing future.


Enhancing the future of STEM education and access for students across America, we're proud to announce TerraGames. We're developing a lab-based game of strategy, skill, and chance. Developed by lifelong gamers who got biochem PhDs, we thrust players into the fast-paced world of scientific research. Do you have what it takes to succeed as a lab scientist? Or with the data be your downfall?

Who is TerraPrime?

TerraPrime is built by professionals with passions. We established ourselves in our careers at an early stage, whether through high-level PhD research at leading institutions, cutting-edge robotics design, or AAA video game strategy. After finding our own success, the TerraPrime team came together through shared passions for helping others succeed, whether it’s startup founders, inventors in their garage, researchers with novel ideas, or equipping the next generation to be scientifically literate with the tools they need to succeed in STEM. We’re here to use our expertise to influence our passions, and we’re fortunate enough to love our work.