Product Management and Development
with TerraProd


Market Research

Identify your market, define your product to fill a gap, and determine how to optimally position yourself for success. Understanding your market – both the customer and the competition – is critical to not only building the right product, but to truly compete with it.

Product-Market Fit

We have a problem in need of a solution and a product that just might fill the gap. Awesome! But what comes next? How can we truly optimize our product positioning? How can we be sure we’re building the best – and most adaptably efficient – product we can? Work with us to help decide and design the best product for the job.

Requirements Research

You’ve identified a need and conceptualized a solution. Now what? We can help you drill down on what that solution needs to get from ideation to release. Every product is different, and every product lifecycle is unique. Our professionals can help you navigate both.

Technical Product Management

Market identified, product defined, requirements researched. So how, exactly, do we build it? Getting from Point A to Point B can take an awful lot of iterative steps, and without professional guidance you might find yourself starting with a bicycle and trying to build a car. Wouldn’t it make more sense to iterate into a motorcycle?

Our Product Framework

Prioritizing Value and Cost

What to build, when to build it, and how all-in you need to go on a given feature is always a hard decision. Prioritizing features that deliver value with reasonable complexity and cost is almost an art. Learn more about the key decisions and considerations here.

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User-Centric Development

It always comes back to one thing: the user. Find best practices for learning about your users, identifying their needs even when they can’t, and utilizing structures to be sure you’re developing with them in mind. Build the right solution the first time.

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Balancing Technical Debt

When to take on technical debt, and when to avoid it, is one of the most challenging decisions a mature product group wrestles with. For new product groups and startups, it gets even more difficult. Debt needs to remain manageable, not entirely avoided.

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Product Management for Startups, Founders, and Entrepreneurs

    We offer a full range of services for startups looking to grow their product, brand, or business.

  • Early-stage Product and Market Definition
  • Technical Requirements Documentation
  • Executive Decks, Funding Pitches, and Roadmapping
  • User Research and Experience Testing
  • Technical Product Ownership
  • Marketing, Product, and Organizational Strategy

Ken Preedom

Founder and Product Consultant

Ken is a career engineering and product manager who, when realizing his passion for founders and entrepreneurs, launched TerraPrime to use his skills and experience from Silicon Valley to help bring anyone’s dream to life. He has actively managed and launched a multitude of products and features lists, from SaaS to automation robotics and gaming studios. He lives in the Boston area with his wife, Ariel, and dog, Smithwicks.