Life Sciences Consulting
with TerraSci


Innovative Ideas

Have an idea that could change the research world? We work with startups, non-profits and academics who are ready to change the scientific enterprise for the better. Our team of startup consultants and life science PhDs will work with you at any stage of the entrepreneurial process. Brainstorming? Launching? We will help you design and position your product to maximize the splash you make. Let’s change the world together.

Science Strategy

Time to pivot your lab? Need new funding or a review of the literature? Our team of PhD researchers can collaborate with you to update the direction of your research program. Save time deliberating and get an outside expert opinion, whether you are early in the strategy process or finalizing your future. If we aren’t the experts you need, we can connect you with scientists who are.

Focused Feedback

Need to know what scientists think of your idea? We can connect you to real scientists in the pharmaceutical and academic labs you are targeting. Our staff of researchers will leverage their networks to solve your problems. Reach out and we’ll get you the information you need.

Manuscript Review

You have a draft, and we can help you finish it. Our writing team has a track record of publishing academic, editorial, and blog content. No matter how rough or refined your starting point, we will provide the professional feedback your piece needs to get published. Once it’s ready, our experts can help identify the journal or outlet that fits your work.

Life Sciences Consulting

Regular Editorials

COVID-19 research happened at a breakneck speed in 2020. What can we learn from this incredible pace, and can we translate it to ALL life sciences research? TerraSci lead Ken Hallenbeck uses the global pandemic as an opportunity to review the core assumptions of the modern publication model.

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SciBase is an innovative platform for post-publication peer review of scientific manuscripts. Bent on solving the reproducibility crisis in modern science, SciBase partnered with TerraPrime in January 2021 to accelerate the growth of their platform.

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From the Lab

TerraSci is home to active researchers! Check out an article featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 2019. This chemical and structural biology tour-de-force was the result of a years-long international collaboration and part of Ken Hallenbeck’s PhD work at the University of California, San Francisco.

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Ken Hallenbeck

Life Sciences Lead

Ken Hallenbeck earned a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of California, San Francisco, and now is an early drug discovery researcher. He loves to think and write about the future of scientific research. He serves on the board of directors of ReImagine Science, a nonprofit who empowers and connects scientist advocates, and is the Life Sciences Lead at TerraPrime, working with startups who aim to disrupt the scientific publication and education systems.